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Scoliosis & MAGEC RodsScoliosis & MAGEC Rods

Scoliosis treatment can be complicated in the pediatric population. The MAGEC system is a surgical option designed to reduce risks and simplify care in the growing child. The MAGEC system utilizes magnets embedded in adjustable rods that elongate when prompted by an external controller. These adjustments can be done in office instead of the operating room. As a result, the MAGEC system helps to decrease the amount of surgeries needed. Less surgery means less anesthesia exposure, minimized infection risk, and reduced anxiety!

A routine lengthening appointment consists of x-rays, clinical exam, and distracting the MAGEC rod. Spine X-rays will be obtained and evaluated by the doctor. The doctor will then decide how much to grow the rods. The distraction takes about 1-2 minutes to perform. We encourage music, videos, snacks – whatever you want! – to set your child’s mind at ease. Patients may return to regular activity directly following the distraction with no downtime. Typically, distractions are performed every 3-4 months to mimic the natural growth progression.

Our surgeons have performed over sixty surgeries with MAGEC rods, and our team performs distractions in the office weekly. We have an excellent team to support and care for your child.

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